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General Messages to Prospective Students


I am looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students to do cutting edge research on computer architecture, including both hardware (e.g. processor, memory, network-on-chip and new computing devices/processing technologies/platforms/infrastructures) and software (e.g. emerging applications, parallel programming, operating systems and managed run-time systems). Previous experience in computer organization and architecture, VLSI, system software, parallel programming is highly recommended. Experience in programming (e.g. C and C++) is a must since most of my research projects are simulation or implementation driven. Moreover, computer architecture and system research involves significant amounts of instrumentation, benchmarking, experiments and quantitative analysis.

My areas of research include high-performance, low-power, thermal-friendly and dependable computer systems, computing technology for emerging applications, impacts of technology trends on computer architectures, and interactions between computer architecture and system software.

If you are a UF Graduate Student interested in Computer Architecture and System Research


I am particularly interested in Ph.D. students with interest in computer systems and have strong background in computer architecture, VLSI, operating system and analytical modeling. If you feel comfortable with at least two of the above fields, please feel free to contact with me. I strongly recommend that you take courses such as Computer Architecture, VLSI, Parallel Computer Architecture and Operating System and do an individual research study with me before I consider you as my research assistant.

If you are a Graduate Student outside of University of Florida


Please make sure that you read up on my research first. If you simply send me a generic form e-mail, your response may be delayed indefinitely. I will be much more inspired to read your CV and other information if you show more than a casual interest in my research. Do not send me your CV in your first e-mail. Please look over the information to see if any of the immediate areas interest you. Do feel free to ask questions regarding my research or comment on items that you are interested in.