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Computer System Design and Prototyping


BY91-1 Multiprocessor System

The goal of BY91-1 project is to develop a CC-NUMA shared memory multiprocessors supporting real-time simulation.

The main features of the BY91-1 machine are:

  • Architecture: CC-NUMA shared memory heterogeneous multiprocessors
  • Interconnection: crossbar
  • CPU: Intel i860XP, Motorola 68030
  • Number of CPU: 18
  • Operating System: BYSOS (Real-Time UNIX for BY91-1)

I am one of R&D members of BY91-1 project. My contributions to the BY91-1 machine include:

  • Design shared memory module, modify & debug processing element module
  • Develop part of parallel compiler & linker - Link860 for BY91-1 machine
  • Hardware system debug and HW/SW integration
  • Develop parallel applications for BY91-1 machine

S1000 CC-NUMA Distributed Shared Memory Multiprocessor System

The objective of S1000 project is to build a scalable distributed shared memory CC-NUMA multiprocessor to accelerate motive image parallel recognition and motive image parallel processing.

The main features of the S1000 machine are:

  • Architecture: CC-NUMA multiprocessors with distributed shared memory (DSM)
  • Interconnection: SCI/ crossbar
  • CPU: Intel Pentium Pro
  • Co-Processor: TI TMS320C80
  • Number of CPUs: 32
  • OS: Mach multiprocessor version 3.0

I was one of the R&D members of S1000 project before I left BIDPT to University of Texas at Austin. I was the principal designer of the two nodes hardware prototype of S1000 machine.

CPU Board
I/O Board

S2000 Rugged Computer System

S2000 rugged computer system is a PC compatible system used for industrial and embedded applications requiring a more robust mechanical form and EMC than desktop PC.

The main features of the S2000 CompactPCI CPU board are:

  • Dimension: 6U (233 by 160 mm)
  • CPU: Pentium/ Pentium MMX (Socket 7) @ 133/166/200 MHz
  • Cache: 256KB write-back/write through L2 cache
  • Memory: 256MB ECC or EDO RAM
  • Connector: dual CompactPCI connector ( PCI and ISA) drives 9 slots

I am one of the chief designers of the hardware system of this machine. My duty is to design, debug and test CPU board for S2000 rugged computer system.


Multimedia Conferencing PCI Card

The purpose of this system is to develop a high performance hardware platform to support multimedia conferencing. The system supports a standard 32/33Mhz PCI interface and JTAG debug interface.

The system supports two video connections (composite video and S-video). The video processing chip is a Texas Instrument TVP5145, which supports digital video decoding with Macrovision detection. The board supports a stereo microphone audio input and a stereo speaker audio output. The audio processing chip is a Philips UDA1341TS.

The system uses the latest generation of PIO processor to provide the programmable interface to various industry standard interfaces like PCI, audio and video interfaces.

I am the chief designer of the hardware system.