Welcome to Dr. Tao Li's Homepage

Tao Li, IEEE Fellow

Associate Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Computers

Professor (Preeminence Professorship, First Round)

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Florida

(Ph.D'04, University of Texas at Austin)

Office: 339D Larsen Hall

Phone: (352) 392-9510

E-mail: taoli at ece dot ufl dot edu


Dr. Tao Li is a full professor (with preeminence professorship) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include computer architecture, microprocessor/memory/storage system design, virtualization technologies, energy-efficient/sustainable/ dependable data center, cloud/big data computing platforms, the impacts of emerging technologies/applications on computing, and evaluation of computer systems. Dr. Tao Li received 2009 National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Award, 2008, 2007, 2006 IBM Faculty Awards, 2008 Microsoft Research Safe and Scalable Multi-core Computing Award and 2006 Microsoft Research Trustworthy Computing Curriculum Award. Dr. Tao Li co-authored two papers that won the Best Paper Awards in ICCD 2016, HPCA 2011 and seven papers that were nominated for the Best Paper Awards in HPCA 2018, HPCA 2017, ICPP 2015, CGO 2014, DSN 2011, MICRO 2008 and MASCOTS 2006. He is listed in the HPCA Hall of Fame and MICRO Hall of Fame. Dr. Tao Li is one of the College of Engineering winners, University of Florida Doctor Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award for 2013-2014 and 2011-2012.

Dr. Tao Li served as a CISE program director in the National Science Foundation (NSF) during 2015-2017, directing the national research agenda in computer & system architecture, including core programs for Software and Hardware Foundation (SHF), Exploiting Parallelism and Scalability (XPS), Scalable Parallelism
in the Extreme (SPX), CISE Research Infrastructure (CRI), Faculty Early CAREER Development (CAREER), CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII), and Expeditions in Computing (EIC) programs. Dr. Tao Li is the Associate Editor-In-Chief (AEIC) of IEEE Transactions on Computers. He is an IEEE Fellow.

Select Publications

  • Towards Efficient NVDIMM-based Heterogeneous Storage Hierarchy Management for Big Data Workloads, MICRO 2019.
  • Start Late or Finish Early: A Distributed Graph Processing System with Redundancy Reduction,VLDB 2019.
  • Eager Pruning: Algorithm and Architecture Support for Fast Training of Deep Neural Networks, ISCA 2019.
  • 3D-based Video Understanding Acceleration by Leveraging Temporal Locality and Activation Sparsity, ISCA 2019.
  • LerGAN: A Zero-free, Low Data Movement and PIM-based GAN Architecture, MICRO 2018.
  • Prediction based Execution on Deep Neural Networks, ISCA 2018.
  • Exploiting Dynamic Thermal Energy Harvesting for Reusing in Smartphone with Mobile Applications, ASPLOS 2018.
  • Enabling Efficient Network Service Function Chain Deployment on Heterogeneous Server Platform, HPCA 2018 (Best Paper Candidate).
  • In-
situ AI: Towards Autonomous and Incremental Deep Learning for IoT Systems, HPCA 2018.
  • Towards Efficient Microarchitectural Design for Accelerating Unsupervised GAN-based Deep Learning, HPCA 2018.
  • Towards Architectural Support for "Full Containerization" in Container Based Network Function Virtualization, ASPLOS 2017.
  • Towards Pervasive and User Satisfactory CNN across GPU Microarchitectures, HPCA 2017 (Best Paper Candidate).
  • Towards Efficient Server Architecture for Virtualized Network Function Deployment: Implications and Implementations, MICRO 2016.
  • Bridging the I/O Performance Gap for Big Data Workloads: A New NVDIMM-based Approach, MICRO 2016.
  • Towards Sustainable in-Situ Server Systems in the Big Data Era, ISCA 2015.
  • HEB: Deploying and Managing Hybrid Energy Buffers for Improving Datacenter Efficiency and Economy, ISCA 2015.
  • Understanding the Virtualization “Tax” of Scale-out Pass-Through GPUs in GaaS Clouds: An Empirical Study, HPCA 2015.
  • Optimizing Virtual Machine Consolidation Performance on NUMA Server Architecture for Cloud Workloads, ISCA 2014.
  • Enabling Datacenter Servers to Scale Out Economically and Sustainably, MICRO 2013.
  • Power-performance Co-optimization of GPU Core Architecture using Resistive Memory, HPCA 2013.
  • Enabling Distributed Generation Powered Sustainable High-Performance Data Center, HPCA 2013.
  • Exploring High-Performance and Energy Proportional Interface for Phase Change Memory Systems, HPCA 2013.
  • iSwitch: Coordinating and Optimizing Renewable Energy Powered Server Clusters, ISCA 2012.
  • SolarCore: Solar Energy Driven Multi-core Architecture Power Management, HPCA 2011 (Best Paper Award).
  • Mercury: A Fast and Energy-Efficient Multi-level Cell based Phase Change Memory System, HPCA 2011.
  • Characterizing and Mitigating the Impact of Process Variations on Phase Change based Memory Systems, MICRO 2009.
  • Soft Error Vulnerability Aware Process Variation Mitigation, HPCA 2009.
  • Microarchitecture Soft Error Vulnerability Characterization and Mitigation under 3D Integration Technology, MICRO 2008 (Best Paper Candidate).
  • NBTI Tolerant Microarchitecture Design in the Presence of Process Variation, MICRO 2008.
  • Informed Microarchitecture Design Space Exploration using Workload Dynamics, MICRO 2007.
  • Run-time Modeling and Estimation of Operating System Power Consumption, SIGMETRICS 2003.
  • Understanding and Improving Operating System Effects in Control Flow Prediction, ASPLOS 2002.


Current (I am lucky to work with the following excellent students)

  • Meng Wang (Ph.D. Student)
  • Yiming Gao (Ph.D. Student)
  • Xiangru Chen (Ph.D. Student)
  • Yao Sun (Ph.D. Student)
  • Jiaqi Zhang (Ph.D. Student)

Graduated (Wish them all the best for their future endeavors)



  • Dr. Chang Burm Cho (Ph.D. Dec.'08, First Employment: Senior Design Engineer, Philips North America Corporation)
  • Dr. Xin Fu (Ph.D. Dec.'09, Computing Innovation Fellow'09, First Employment: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, University of Kansas, NSF CAREER Award'14)
  • Dr. James Poe (Ph.D. Dec.'09, NSF Graduate Research Fellow'06-'09, First Employment: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Miami Dade College)
  • Dr. Wangyuan Zhang (Ph.D. Aug.'10, UF Outstanding International Student'09, Computing Innovation Fellow'10 (declined by Wangyuan Zhang due to other job offers), First Employment: Technical Staff, NetApp)
  • Dr. Clay Hughes (Ph.D. Dec.'10, First Employment: Assistant Professor, Florida State University at Panama City)
  • Dr. Zhongqi Li (Ph.D. Dec.'12, UF Alumni Fellow, First Employment: Qualcomm)
  • Dr. Nilanjan Goswami (Ph.D. Aug.'13, First Employment: Apple)
  • Dr. Amer Qouneh (Ph.D. May'14, First Employment: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Western New England University)
  • Dr. Chao Li (Ph.D. Aug.'14, UF Alumni Fellow, Attributes of a Gator Engineer Recognition Award for Creativity'10, UF Outstanding International Student'10, Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program Award'12, ACM SIGARCH Student Scholarship for Turing Centenary Celebration'12, Facebook Fellowship'13, Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding Self-financed Students Studying Abroad'14, First Employment: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University)
  • Dr. Ruijin Zhou (Ph.D. May'15, First Employment: VMware)
  • Dr. Yang Hu (Ph.D. Aug'17, UF Alumni Fellow, First Employment: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas)
  • Dr. Mingcong Song (Ph.D. Aug'18)

Master (Thesis only)

  • Madhura Joshi (MS. Dec'10, First Employment:Infinera)
  • Ramkumar Shankar (MS. Dec'10, First Employment:AMD)
  • Indrashish Basu (MS. Aug'14, First Employment: AMD)
  • Juncheng Gu (MS. May'15, University of Michigan)
  • Yilun Chen (MS. May'17, Purdue University)